EPISODE5 - Girls Night In Radio - Deadliest Ice Road Catch

We discussed The TV shows, "Ice Road Truckers" (History Channel)  and "Deadliest Catch" (Discovery Channel).  You can watch online  "Ice Road Truckers" at  or buy "Deadliest Catch" on Amazon Unboxed  or through itunes.  Both shows are still played on their respective channels as well.  Did three women like these rugged shows? Listen to find out.

The next show will be on Wednesday, October 1at 9:00 PM EST and we'll be reviewing Maggie's movie choice, "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day"

The What If Questions will be

What if you could live the life of any fictional character, which character would it be?
What if you were to be stranded forever on a desert island and could have only one book to read, which would you want?

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