Completely Random 001 - Girls Night In Radio

Unfortunately Jaime has been so insanely busy with work that we needed to postpone the Field of Dreams talk 'til January 7.  So we had a "new" concept of the Completely Random show.  Which has no structure and very little editing.  It's basically us talking about whatever come up.  Oh and we played a couple Christmas songs.

Podsafe Music
Rachel played some podsafe Christmas music.  The first song was a cover of the Joni Mitchel song, "River" as song by Michelle Hotaling.  The second was "Silent Night" as performed by Allison Crowe.  You can find their music on the Podsafe Music Network.  You can find  If you like this music, please buy it.


What's Coming Up

Since Jaime is unsure when the madness in her work schedule will make her more available we are postpoing the Field of Dreams episode 'til Wednesday, January 7. Instead we will doing another Completely Random Episode but we could use your help.  Send us any questions you'd like us to answer or jumping off points for the conversation.

The What If Questions for when we review Field of Dreams will be
1. What if you had to pick any one position in the presidential cabinet, what would you pick?

2. If you could be visited by any historical figure, who would you choose?



EPISODE16 - Girls Night In Radio - Tis The Season to Shop

In this episode we discussed what's on a lot of people's minds this time of year, shopping. How, when and where we do it. Do we like lists or not? How do we get ready for the holidays.  A bunch of Holiday goodness really.

The website Rachel mentioned for making lists is Kaboodle.

We also played "Moon Is Monochrome" by Burning Bridges which you can find on their website


EPISODE15 - Girls Night In Radio - Gobble Gobble

In this episode we discussed Thanksgiving traditions and what we're doing this year.